AGEC 311 Homework: The Decision Making Process

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AGEC 311 Homework The Decision Making Process Step 1 – Identify the Problem The John Deere tractor engine is blown, and a new tractor will cost more than the budget will allow me to spend. Step 2- Identify Alternatives I can use a smaller tractor for the job, but it will take twice as long to complete the work. Also, I can ask a fellow farmer to borrow his tractor if he/she is not using it. Step 3- Collect Information Most small tractors are compatible with a variety of interchangeable parts, making them extremely versatile. They also maneuver easier, while still offering plenty of traction, speed and strength for the job at hand. If I borrow another tractor, it will save me an ample amount of money. Also the larger tractor will plow way more area.…show more content…
Another downfall is if something happens to the tractor, I would be responsible for the damages. The smaller tractor will be more efficient, but it will take a longer time to plow the acres with it. In this situation, I would go with the smaller tractor for a long-term investment. Step-5 Implement the Decision Purchase a cheaper brand of tractor and be ready for longer work days. Step-6 Monitor the Results Compared to the larger tractor, the smaller tractor finished the work more effienctily and about the same time as the larger tractor. Step 7- Accept Responsibility for Results Time and money are vital, but the smaller tractor has increased crop production. It also has the longitivity for 15 years of service. Step 1- Identify the Problem Finding a job or internship for summer so I can pay my summer rent Step 2 Identify alternatives I can ask my parents to pay the rent for me, and I will pay them back once I get a job. I can be aggressive on landing an internship so I can pay rent on my own. Step 3 Collect

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