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ADHD MEDICATIONS About 1/8th or 8% of the United States is affected with a disorder. The knowledge associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is based on medication that helps control this known disorder. ADHD is thus connected with my life in many ways, whether it be because my mom, dad, and both younger brothers have this, or if I just know a lot about stuff. Medication is the savior for kids and adults of all ages; Vyvanse, Adderall XR, and Daytrana. Now imagine classifying these three medications into three different groups: medication that works; medication that doesn’t work as well; and medication that both works and doesn’t. Nicholas Kotowski being one of the many effected with ADHD has agreed to share his input or what is good or bad. People often think that things hard to say are worthless, but not in this case. As most may know, teachers get very upset and aggravated if ADHD children are in their presence, but most never stop and think that students can’t help their disturbance and think that everything is just peachy keen. Vyvanse, Nicholas’ favorite kind, seems to work well with his major conflict, concentrating while in school. Vyvanse is a small pill that stays in the takers system for over eight hours, guaranteeing that some stuff gets…show more content…
Indeed Adderall XR is a high or low dosage pill that decrease the affects of ADHD it has serious side effects. Adderall tends to have cardiovascular attacks, high blood pressure and even sudden death; nobody wants any of that. According to nick, this pill does the complete opposite it is supposed to do, kind of like when someone orders something off of a television commercial and they get that item and it doesn’t work. Nicholas states that “It gives me major headaches (not a major side effect) and I start to either get hungry a lot or I’m not hungry at all.” Thus making Adderall XR an enemy by the time someone actually starts taking

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