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AVEN 1920 – Introduction to Aviation Engineering (Aerodynamics) Assignment Aerodynamics Wing Comparison Name: Zach Roy Student Number: Z3415764 Aircraft: * Civil Airliner - Boeing 747-8 * Utility Aircraft - O-2 Skymaster * Fighter Jet – F-14D Super Tomcat * Cargo – C-130J Hercules * Bomber – English Electric Canberra B6 Contents Introduction: 3 Wing Characteristics and Aircraft Mission: 3 Boeing 747-8 4 Cessna O-2 Skymaster 5 F-14D Super Tomcat 5 Lockheed C-130J Hercules: 6 English Electric Canberra B6: 7 Cross comparison of Specifications versus Missions 8 Wingspan 8 Wing Area 9 MTOW and Wing loading 9 Maximum Speed and Mach number 10 Aspect Ratio 10 Co-efficient of Lift at cruise 11 Conclusion 11 Appendix 12 Figure Set A 12 Figure Set B 13 References: 14 Introduction: Wings are what make an aircraft what it is. They are an imperative piece of hardware that without it, the plane would basically not leave the ground and might as well be a ground vehicle. They are essentially like the wings and feathers of a bird. Much like how there are different types of birds that can withhold a variety of different skills for different purposes, aircraft follow a similar trait as different aircraft will have different wing characteristics to complete different ‘missions’ or purposes of manufacture. In this report, let us examine the nature of the characteristics of wings from various aircrafts in the categories of civil airliner, utility aircraft, cargo aircraft, fighter jet and bomber aircraft, and compare and analyze these characteristics to whereas how this allows these certain aircraft to fulfill its ‘mission’ or purpose. The specific aircraft we will be analyzing in this report are of their latest variants that include: * Civil Airliner - Boeing 747-8 * Utility Aircraft - O-2 Skymaster *

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