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A&P story A & P was about 3 girls that walked into a supermarket in nothing but there bathing suits. The people in the store had a problem with this and forced them to leave and then a A & P employee quit while trying to stand up for the girls. A&P is narrated by Sammy, The 19-year-old cashier at the store. In Sammy's mind the A&P store patrons are "sheep," or followers, rather than independent thinkers. The fact that Sammy's point of view changes over the course of the story is more important then being just the narrator. At the beginning of the story he's simply complaining and whining about the dullness of his community. Queenie and the other two girls show him a simple way of mocking this traditionalism. By wearing their bathing suits into the store. Sammy follows by removing his A&P apron when he quits, expressing himself with the girls and using his clothing, like them, Over the course of the story, he goes from complaining about what problems he sees to actually doing something about them. That's a lot of growth in just the first couple pages. He thinks that it makes him a type of hero. Toward the end of the story, he’s afraid it will give him a bad reputation in his community and mess up his chances later in life. This story also meant to be realistic showing us how normal 19-year-old boys minds act while looking at the girls why they are at work. The story of A&P ends in the parking lot. Sammy has just quit his job to take a stand against no-bathing-suit policies .The three girls didn't stick around to switch numbers with their “hero”, and the story ends on a kind of lonely note. Although, Sammy is now outside the A&P, looking in. Even though he left the store of his own, it probably feels lonely to be shut out of something he used to be a part of. I feel like everything that happens in the story feels like it could

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