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A&P Precís. In an A&P store in a small New England town, three teenage girls walk in. They wear only their bathing suits, and Sammy, a young man who is working at the checkout line, watches them closely. Sammy observes, and contemplates over the way they look and act. He wonders how their personalities are, and why they enter a store like A&P, with clothing like that. Specifically one girl catches Sammy’s eye, the most attractive of the three. This girl, whom Sammy starts referring to as the “Queenie”, captivates Sammy with her confidence and posture as well as her staggering beauty. As the girls walk around the store looking for their items, Sammy notices that they are drawing a lot of attention. The girls’ outfits are meant for the beach, and Sammy can’t help but wonder why they would wear this when the store is located in the middle of town, far from any beach. Sammy catches his coworker Stokesie in eyeing the girls as well, and they joke around about it. However, there is a clear difference between the married Stokesie who is resigned to a life of working at the A&P, and Sammy, whom as a young man is not interested in staying at A&P for his whole life. More coworkers ogle at the young girls, and Sammy feels sad for the girls, having compromised themselves to this staring, most likely not knowing it would happen. This feeling quickly disappears, however, as the girls walk towards Sammy’s checkout line. Lengel, store manager and Sammy’s boss approaches his checkout line. Lengel tells the girls off, stating that they are not allowed to enter the store without proper clothing. The girls are clearly discomfited, however Queenie protests and says that they only came to buy some herring snacks. Sammy daydreams about Queenie’s life, imagining her parents at a party and everyone dressed nicely and sipping expensive drinks. He then recalls his own

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