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The story A&P by John Updike takes place around 1950 in a public grocery store. Updike is the author of the story and the narrator goes by the name of “Sammy.” Critiques argue whether Sammy is a hero or not for sticking up for the three girls who came into the grocery store wearing bikinis. Everyone has their own opinion on the situation and the arguments can go either way. In the article critique by Corey Evan Thompson he argues that Updike is not a "hero" for significant reasons. Thompson backs up his arguments very well in his critique which allows readers to really understand his point of view. Many critiques agree with Thompson that Sammy is not a “hero” because he did not stick up for the girls with good intentions; he is just a young kid looking for some attention from pretty girls and a new job. Thompson says that readers should consider that Updike is “the narrator through whose limited point of view the story is told.” Thompson is right to consider that a valid argument. Since Sammy is the narrator of the story he only sees the situation from his side. If the story was narrated by Lengel then the whole perspective of the situation would change. Lengel is not rude to the girls; he just asks them to dress decent the next time they come in the store. Lengel sees the situation for what it is because he is not interested in these girls. Sammy is 19, and probably around the same age as the girls, so he enjoys the sight of them in just bathing suits. It is common knowledge that it is inappropriate to walk through a public place like a grocery store with just a bathing suit. That is where the saying “no shirt, no shoes, no service” comes from. Lengel goes on to say “Girls, I don’t want to argue with you. After this come in here with your shoulders covered. It’s our policy.” As a manager Lengal handled the situation appropriately, but Sammy

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