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a/p 1 Objectives Essay

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Anatomy & Physiology I
Exam I Objectives
Redman Fall 2011

Ch 1
· Define anatomy.   Define physiology.
· What is gross anatomy? Microscopic anatomy? Cytology?   Histology?
· Know and define the levels of organization of the human body? (Short answer candidate)
· State the eleven organ systems and describe their functions.   Recognize the major organs of each.   (See text and Lab Exercise 2)
· Describe the elements of homeostatic control mechanisms: control center, effector, and response.   What is their relation to each other?
· What are the characteristics associated with negative and positive feedback mechanisms?   Provide examples of both types of feedback. (Short answer candidate)

  · Refer to Chemistry Review Worksheet
Ch 3
· Describe the structure of the cell plasma membrane. Why are phospholipids arranged in a bilayer? (Short answer candidate)
· What is the cell’s glycocalyx?
· What does semipermeable (or selectively permeable) mean?
· Describe the various types of membrane transport.   Give examples of the types of molecules that can be transported by each.
· Describe the basic differences between passive and active transport.   Be able to provide examples of passive and active transport.   (Short answer candidate)

Ch. 4: Tissues
· Name the four types of tissue.   What are their characteristics? Where are they located?   What are their functions?
· What is the basement membrane?
· Describe glandular epithelia.   Recognize the basic structure of a gland.
· Compare and contrast exocrine and endocrine glands with respect to structure, secretion, and secretory products.
· Describe the make up of connective tissues with respect to cells and extracellular matrix.   What are the components of the extracellular matrix?   Provide examples of cells and components. (Short answer candidate)
· Describe the process of tissue repair.   What is the role of inflammation?   Recognize the difference between regeneration and fibrosis.
· Recognize...

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