A Yellow Raft In Blue Water Dialectical Journal

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A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Study Questions CHAPTER 1 1. Rayona has mixed emotions about her mother’s illness as if she is skeptical, yet she does care for her. 2. Without Christine, Elgin is at ease and would like to keep it this way. 3. The tone of the hospital is serene and at the same time depressing. 4. Ray wants an escape from her current situation; besides, she also wishes she had any kind of relationship with her father. 5. Christine was planning on driving off the cliff to ruin the car and hopefully gain some money for Rayona. 6. Christine wants Ray to start “figuring things out for herself.” and possibly get her to live with Aunt Ida. 7. Rayona is giving up since she realizes fixing Christine’s behavior is a lost cause. CHAPTER 2 1. Christine wants to leave Rayona a connection to her mother. 2. Christine is leaving the hospital, but she needs Charlene to deliver her medication to her illegally. 3. It shows that Christine is willing to earn as many good deals as she can. 4. Aunt Ida wasn’t married when Christine came along, so rather than have her only daughter remind her of this fact, she settled on being an aunt. 5. Aunt Ida is cold, stubborn, and neglecting. 6. Aunt Ida is irritated to find her daughter and granddaughter there, and she questions their motives. 7. Christine notices the harsh rebuff and gets frustrated at her mom. 8. She is gets nervous at how her mom will react. 9. To calm a frantic Rayona, Aunt Ida takes her hands which forces Ray to be still. 10. The tone is abandonment since Christine left Rayona to Aunt Ida without explaining anything. CHAPTER 3 1. Rayona’s life is monotonous and boring with Aunt Ida, and the two do not really know how to act with the other there so there is little interaction between them at all. 2. Christine was very much influenced by the

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