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Anthony Acierno Prof. Wood A Worn Path 1-30-11 SUMMARY A Worn Path is about an old black woman on a journey down a path to her destination. Her name was Phoenix Jackson. During her journey up a hill and down, she passes through a few obstacles, animals and a man. The first obstacle was the green bush that caught her dress at the bottom of the hill. The other obstacle was the big log in her way. Phoenix is a very old lady with wrinkles like tree branches on her face. Therefore it was a clear obstacle for her to get over the log. The man tried to figure phoenix out but couldn’t. All he tried to do is get phoenix to go home to be safe. However phoenix refused to stop and continued down the hill and arrived at the town full of Christmas. She arrived at the doctor’s office and finally remembered her reason for the journey is medicine for her grandson. She then got the medicine and took in home to her grandson. OBSERVATIONS 1. Phoenix had blue wrinkled eyes 2. The sun made her cry 3. She hallucinated with marble cake that wasn’t really there 4. Her steps were compared to baby steps. 5. She spoke strangely like a young child with no grammar 6. She lost most of her senses 7. She heard the dogs fighting and other things but also heard a mysterious gunshot. 8. The mans gun didn’t scare phoenix 9. Red and green electric lights in the town decorated for Christmas. 10. She has a little sick Grandson 11. Phoenix has a bad memory; she forgot why she even took the trip at the

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