A Worn Path Essay

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It is a chilly December morning as I set to a known journey through the woods to town to get my grandson’s medicine. Wondering into the woods I soon imagine that a young boy offers me a piece of appetizing marble cake. Was I hallucinating? I soon just blame the encounter on my old age. A short time later I stumbled upon a ferocious dog. I was terrified and presume to hit the vicious dog with my cane and I end up plummeting into a ditch. Some time later a hunter comes across my path and saves me from the violent dog by chasing off the dog with his lone companion. While the hunter in fighting off the dog. The hunter later returns after the encounter and tells me that the town is way to far away and that I should head back home. He then points the barrel of his gun at me but soon loses interest in me when I show no signs of being startled or scared of him. In the process of trying to upset me, he drops a nickel and doesn’t notice and I see it as a chance to buy my grandson a wonderful gift. I am so anxious to get my grandson his medicine. There is no telling what will happen to him without the valuable medicine. I will walk miles and will not stop to get him what he desires. I finally make it to town and make my way to the doctor’s lonely office. I am awfully displeased with the attendant that tries to give me five pennies instead of a nickel like I am less important than the people in this distort town. After I acquire the medicine for my grandson, I exit the town off into the woods down the worn path that I recently had trotted upon to cure my grandson’s

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