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Jasmine Constantino Academy of Mount St. Ursula Structural Essay “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty initially presents itself as a story that is simple in its plot. The beginning, or exposition at the beginning of the story, introduces the reader to Pheonix Jackson. She is an elderly 'Negro' woman, who is on her way to town (a trip which probably took a few hours, more or less). At first, the main obstacles which present themselves appear to be physical. The walk through the route, while it would be fairly simple for a younger person, is a very difficult trek for her. However, little does the reader know, the exposition has yet to be completed. This is not merely a narrative about the difficulties of old age but something much more that one only realizes when they reach the end of the story and find out that Pheonix's ill grandson. The story, thus,transforms into something far more profound and gives every event which took place new meaning. In this way, Welty has skillfully utilized the aspect of structure to its fullest potential. As previously stated, the story begins as simple as they come. In fact, it's so uncomplicated to the point of the reader waiting earnestly for something surprising, whether good or bad, to occur. With the idea of formal structure in mind, the reader is fooled into suspecting that things will become more exciting or escalate rapidly as the story progresses. For example, the scene with the hunter and his black dog. The author puts a lot of emphasis on various parts of this scene, such as when Pheonix watched with great intensity as the nickel fell out of the hunter's pocket, and then scrambled to get it when the hunter is distracted by something. The reader is mislead into thinking something unfortunate is about to occur, as: “God watching me the whole time. I come to stealing.” The man came back...and then he laughed and lifted

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