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In “A Worn Path” written by Eudora Welty, Phoenix Jackson is approached by a white hunter on her way to town. He was a very rude man, he wasn’t a nice man at all and he was a very judging and racist person due to what he says to her in the woods, the thoughts he thinks about her and what the actions he takes toward her. The white hunter could have been portrayed as anything but as I continued to read, I was visualizing each character and nitpicking everything that the hunter did in an attempt to figure out exactly what type of person that the hunter actually was. The white hunter clearly demonstrates how he is a judgmental person due to the comments that he says toward miss Phoenix Jackson and he believes that all black people are completely uneducated and cannot have money, but remain poor people. He stereotypes black people. The hunter asks if miss Phoenix is on her way home and she responds to him with “‘No sir, I going to town.’” (359). Miss Phoenix doesn’t give any explanation as to why she goes to town and he assumes that he knows what all black people like to do and he says, “‘I know you colored people! Wouldn’t miss going to town to see Santa Claus!’” (359). Not every black person is uneducated. Some black people are extremely smart. You must be intelligent to be a doctor or the president and we have plenty of black doctors and we have a black president running the world today. Racism was one of the main problems back in the older days. That’s why you had black kids attend the high school made for black children and white kids attending the schools that accommodated for white people. Did you ever notice that the schools for the white kids were much nicer than the schools made for the black children? That’s what is wrong with the white hunter. He believes that black people aren’t worthy of the things white people are worthy of. He puts the icing on the

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