A Worn Path. Essay

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Alex Beshaw Mr. Hoskins October 3rd,2011 “What is A worn Path?” “ What is the author trying to say?” I wonder The story A Worn Path is about a elderly black women named Phenix. She is on a very long and worn path to the city but doesn't remember why. She travels the path so often and so well that her feet guide her the right way. Which shows that the worn path isn't just a physical path it is also a worn path in her mind, there is a lot of symbols and things that show that Phenix has walked this path many times before. Even though she has lost her eyesight and can visualize it in her head and know exactly where she is. On the path she runs into a few illusions that she believes is real.She was about halfway through the woods and she imagined that a little boy came running up to her with a piece of cake on a plate for her. Phenix was so thankful and happy when she reached for the piece of cake her hand went right through it. Phenix was so hungry she had start to imagine there was a boy with food for her. She is so old, fragile, and petite that her brain just imagine things and makes her see things that aren't there. The path in her mind is a symbolism. It is trying to show the reader that her mind is worn out. Phoenix’s skirt was the most symbolic item in the story to me. in the begging of the story phoenix’s skirt gets caught in a thorn bush and that symbolizes her life going through a rough time. then later on Phoenix goes to cross a river and lifts her skirt up so to keep it from getting wet and that symbolizes her rough times being lifted from upon her. "We is the only two left in the world."This quote by Phoenix is really important, because it shows how secluded she is from society, but also how important her grandson is to her. That she would think of him and her as the only two people that truly matter. She also seems really crazy and on the verge

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