A World Lit Only By Fire Analysis

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Brandan yorba 11/10/2011 English 101 3T A World Lit Only by Fire Although I feel as if I should write an unbiased review, in this case it just did not seem logical. As William Manchester tells everyone in the introduction of the book he was only writing this book due to an illness, ". . . I had no intention of writing this book at all. In the summer of 1989 while toiling over another manuscript - the last volume of a biography of Winston Churchill - I fell ill. . . I emerged cured but feeble, too weak to cope with my vast accumulation of Churchill documents . . .” (xii). The massive factual errors arise from Manchester taking the tales told by the nobility and recounting it for truth, without any type of analysis. Though Manchester…show more content…
Chapter 1 is titled “The Medieval Mind.” It is here where Manchester first seems to provide his input on what he thinks life was like in the medieval period. He describes life as being very dark during the medieval times with, apparently, periods without sunlight that,” There was no way for a man to find his way even through a war” This chapter was filled with colorful anecdotes describing violence and punishments that were of standard practice at that time. However, instead of providing new info, it seemed that Manchester was becoming was being very repetitive in saying how dark the days of medieval life were. Manchester views the whole of the period as only a dark interlude before the glorious rebirth of the early modern era, a long period in which nothing important changed and nothing…show more content…
Manchester clearly did little, if no research, and only picked anecdotes that fulfilled what he thought the medieval times were like. The assertions that he has given throughout the book seem as if he wrote it as some sort of parody, more suited for a Monty Python movie than something might be called history. One of the many mistakes which took part in writing this book was when Manchester says "the medieval man's lack of self-ego" (page 21). If men in the medieval times had such a lack in self-ego then why would there be so many knights and men risking their life’s if not for having a big

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