A World Apart Essay

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A World Apart CJS 230 / Corrections: A World Apart December 5, 2010 Heidi J. Waltman Introduction In this paper I will be comparing the correctional system of Australia verses the United States. I will be explaining the different types of systems and the difference in the institutions. I will also be comparing the levels of security, management and prison life. I will also be giving my own opinion of the effectiveness of the correctional system and my opinion on the community corrections and probation. Australia and the United States correctional system In Australia there are two main correctional facilities. The main facility is called Yatala Labour Prison, this prison has a large capacity and can hold very many criminals whereas the other main facility called Port Lincoln is smaller and holds a lot less criminals. Though there are other prisons in Australia these two are the main ones that the criminals go to. The United States has two different types of Correctional institution. They are private and government ran. The private institution is ran and paid for by the state and are a lower cost than the government ran institution. There is however a Brightside to this privately ran institution and that is they get to decide who comes in and what employees are employed. This can also have a better effect on the offenders serving time. The government ran institution is controlled by the state and are considered more expensive. The down side to this institution is that they have to accept any criminal and any employee that is qualified for the job can be hired. In my opinion though no matter what kind of institution they will need some type of officers and security for the offenders. Management In Australia, the warden is in total control over the inmates and the employees. This is also known as autocratic style. The inmates have no say

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