A World Apart Essay

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A WORLD APART New Mexico v. The United States The University of Phoenix Axia 4/4/2010 In the New Mexico division the adult prisons are the largest correctional facilities and there are about 6,300 inmates in six state owned operated prisons and four private operated prisons. Only one facility in the entire country house women inmates. So all the women are in one facility together no matter the crime or the security level. The six state owned correctional facilities are Central New Mexico Correctional Facility, Penitentiary of New Mexico, Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility, Western New Mexico Correctional Facility, and Springer Correctional Center. The four private operated facilities are Lea County Correctional Facility, Guadalupe County Correctional Facility, Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility, and New Mexico Women's Correctional facility. STATE OPERATED PRISONS 1) Central New Mexico Correctional Facility: this facility has three levels with the capacity of 1,146, and the average daily population 1,305 and the average age of those inmates are from 25 to 37. The levels are based on the crime that the prisoners committed so level I is the low security and most of the inmates are 30 years of age. Level II is the medium security and most of the inmates are 37years of age. Level III is the maximum security level and most of the inmates are 25 years of age. 2) Penitentiary of New Mexico: this facility is referred to as Level II, Level V, and Level VI and in this prison if an inmate cannot be managed or get along with the other inmates they must be sent here. If an inmate can show that he can demonstrate appropriate behavior he is granted privileges for short period of time. Average daily population is 791 and the average age of the inmates are 32 years of age. 3) Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility: this facility is

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