A World Apart Essay

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A World Apart Christopher D. Mejia CJS/230 University of Phoenix The country that I have chosen to compare to the United States correctional system is that of Mexico and their correctional system. Both of these counties share a lot of similarities in their correctional systems. The United States and Mexico have been working together to try to stop the illegal drugs from crossing into the United States. In this essay paper I will try to compare both countries criminal system. The judiciary in Mexico is divided into federal and state systems. The Mexican federal courts have jurisdiction over major felonies, which includes drug trafficking. In Mexico’s federal system, the judicial power is implemented by its Supreme Courts of Justice circuit courts and district courts. The Mexican Supreme Court consists of a president and four other judges. The president and the four judges deal with penal affairs. There are twelve collegiate circuit courts. Each of the twelve, have three magistrates. They deal with the right of amparo or constitutional rights of an individual similar to habeas corpus. They also have nine unitary circuit courts with one magistrate each that deal with appeals. The Mexican system has sixty-eight district courts that are consisted of one magistrate per district.The Mexican State judiciary system is similar to the federal system. It is composed of state courts, courts of the first instance, and justice of the peace or police judges. The prison population in Mexico is 175,253 prisoners. The prison population in the United States is 2,078,570 prisoners. The United States prisons population is greater than Mexico because the United States put about 7% of their inmates in prison. The prisons in the United States are broken up into different levels of security and supervision. This

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