A Woman President could be a Good Thing

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Although there are some people that believe we shouldn’t have a woman president for many different reasons, such as, they can be too emotional and aren’t as good as handling pressure situations, as well as the a job of such importance being overwhelming, and not having the composure to handle the responsibility of running a country, however I believe that we actually should have a woman president, so those barriers can be broken down. In my view it should not matter if the president is male or female, because that notion that all men are strong leaders is just as false that all women are too emotional and cannot handle things as well as men can. Sure of course there are probably some women who are far too emotional, and women who may tend to let their personal feelings get in the way of something, which wouldn’t lead to a good presidential candidate, but the same thing can be said about some men though. Not all men are so called “born to be” leaders, in fact many men are just as much if not more emotional than some women, and would have the same incapability’s that would make it impossible to handle such a significantly important job. Why should gender matter? It is simply a crutch, and just another excuse. We never had a black president before until just recently, and the reason for that is because of the prejudice and ignorant views that people seem to want to hold on to. If people don’t let these types of ridiculous views go, then how are we supposed to become a stronger, more respected nation? I for one am tired of people holding onto stupid things such as race, gender, and different cultures. I for one would much rather have a qualified woman who has worked hard to get to where she is, and would do the country good, as president than a man, who really doesn’t deserve to be there for any special reason. Women have been working hard to get respect for
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