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A Wishful Love Story Essay

  • Submitted by: nicolepagel18
  • on February 16, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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You remember when you were young and you dreamed of growing up to be a doctor or a lawyer or something amazing like that? Well, I did not grow up dreaming that. I grew up dreaming my mom would go back to the mother that I looked up to instead of crack head. My mother has been strung out to crack ever since her ex-boyfriend Aaron moved in with us years ago when I was nine years ago and influenced her to join him, and ever since then we lost our house, car, and friends back in Phoenix, Arizona. When we lost everything, my grandmother offered us a new start in Cedar City, Utah. My mother has to promise to start getting better, put away the drugs, find job and get back on her feet. She kept her promise until grandmother passed away two years ago of a blood clot in her brain. Mother went right back to crack without hesitation. I honestly believe she knew grandmother was going to die soon and was just waiting for her to pass so she could go back to her nasty habit. The house became a pigsty soon after that. Pills, empty beer cans, clothes, and anything else you could imagine was lying around. I was not going to clean it up because every time I did it would go back to the way it was in the matter of hours.
I had to work part time at the Stadium 8 Theater after school to survive because my mother damn sure could not work in her condition. I did not make much past minimum wage so my older sister Carla would send a few hundred dollars a month to help me out. Carla graduated early and went to medical school to become a brain surgeon. Ever since she left, it has been just mother and me. I had one more year until I graduate. Believe I was counting down the days. Not that I did not care about my mother and leaving her alone but I had plans for my life. I wanted to make something of myself just like my sister. I turned seventeen a month before my junior year ended and now I was waiting for summer break to go by so senior year could began. I would probably be very happy right...

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