A Wise Baby Essay

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Name: Mar Topic: 2, 4, and 7 A wise baby Hi. My name is … actually I don’t know I haven’t been borne yet. I’m a single sperm in big community of us. All people think that we have the same look and attitude. Yes, that’s true but not when we are about to find our life-time partnership, the egg. In this stage we form a comprehensive imitation to the real human world. We differ from each other in sense of good or bad, handsome of ugly, strong or weak even though we create relationships such as hate, love, friend, enemy and so on. I know that many people wouldn’t believe what I went through because I’m that little, tiny creature. My story began when my friend and I were sitting in a bar at one of the most famous, luxury body vein near to the egg factory. We ware discussing every one dream that answer the question “what would you want to be if you ware the chosen sperm?” Everyone stated his opinion. Most of these opinions ware about future occupation such as pilot, teacher, and doctor. I believe that to be the chosen one is the vital dream. As the egg releasing time becomes closer. We, my friend and I, were standing in front of the eggs manufactory. Millions and millions of sperms were there hoping just to be able to see how she looks like. But my aim was higher than that “to be the chosen one”. Finally the manufacture opened the gate of their production line and outed the egg. She started walking between us. She is perfect in all aspects and she has all the beauty characteristics a sperm can imagine – of course because she’s the only female in our society. Everybody was proposing for her where she kept refusing some and hanging others. When her filtration process reached to an end I was one of the accepted candidates. Few days later the competition between candidates finished. The list of candidates had narrowed to include me and another sperm only, here where

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