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A Whole New World Essay

  • Submitted by: wrshield
  • on September 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Ryan Shields
Chip Dunkin
WRIT 101
18 September 2013
A Whole New World
Throughout my life I have never been the biggest fan of reading. Both of my brothers got into the Harry Potter series and the Series of Unfortunate Events, but I could never find it in me to sit down for hours on end reading. In fact, the only books I read in my life were books that I was forced to read, that is until recently. A couple of weeks ago one of my buddies told me he finished an amazing book and he recommended it to me. The book was about going to college and created by one of my favorite twitter accounts, TFM or Total Frat Move. After living my whole life thinking I had something against books, the Total Frat Move book made me realize that not all books are boring and for older people.
The book tells of a high school graduate that is making his transition to college and of course wants join the Alpha house in which he is a legacy at. I found the book to be extremely relatable in many ways which is why I was able to finish the 255 page story in just three days. Not only was Townes, the main character in the story a freshmen in college but just like me, he had expectations of joining a fraternity, going to parties and living the college life that I’ve waited all four years of high school for. This is why I was not able to put the book down, everything that Townes did I pictured myself doing when I arrived at Ole Miss.
So now my eyes had been opened to a whole new world, what was once bland and non-relatable was now vibrant and relevant. Upon finishing this story, my idea of books took a complete three sixty. After being forced to read summer reading books my whole life, I was finally able to read something without being forced to. It was like a father forcing his son to play a sport he hated his entire life and when the son got to play something else he wishes he had played that sport his whole life.
Now I have nothing against reading, I read Craig Mullaney’s Unforgiving...

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