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A Way to Improve the Economy Essay

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A Way to Improve the Economy
Olivia Frazier
Instructor:   Melinda Beth Keefauver
Everest University Online

Running head: A Way to Improve The Economy

A Way to Improve the Economy

Improving the economy has been a struggle for many years.   These issues that we face everyday cause deep depression; we face many challenges ahead.   The question is:   Why must we face crisis and what can we do to solve the economy struggle?   May this question be uncertain or do we have a plan that is not recognized?   We can’t afford to ignore this matter. The risk of improving the economy could be inevitable. Many organizations and institutions are putting forth effort in improvement of life struggle in the economic battle.   We must take on many challenges; face many depressions in life so that our world will be a better place.
Thesis Statement
How must we improve the Economy?   The importance of the issue is to make way for everyone, including foreign countries to work together; not against each other.   For this reason, studying different levels of rules and resources may help in our economic growth.   Evidence shows lack of employment in the economy; which I object to this point of view.
Finding ways to improve the economy has been a challenge for decades; problems that has been rooted for centuries.   Thinking of ideas to fulfill the struggle of many families is improving through significant ways in which most families are relieved of the financial burden.   “The Global Economy” states that, “The development strategies of countries today are affected to an unexpected degree by how industries are organized, and this reflected in a shift in theoretical frameworks from those centered around legacies and actors of nation states
Running head:   A Way to Improve the Economy

and transnational organization. (The Global Economy: Organization, Governance, and Development, 2005).   I ask myself, “What does this mean as far as development...

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