A Warm Golden Brown

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‘A Warm Golden Brown’ sympathy essay The short story ‘A Warm Golden Brown’ by Alexander Reid tells us about an important issue which still exists in society today, racism. The Author portrays racism through the main characters Ben, Daisy and Mrs Preedy. This story is about a brown girl who is a victim of racism by her ‘friends’ mum and her friend being stuck in the middle of these characters does not know what to do. This makes me feel sympathy for Ben the ‘friend’ who is in the middle of the issue. Ben is one of the main characters in this story. He is the son of a racist mum who does not let him play with his brown neighbour Daisy. He is a caring character with a nice personality he does not judge anybody just because of their race. I feel sympathy for him because he in between his mother who is racist and wrong and Daisy who is a sweet brown girl who just wants to play with him, Ben does not know which one to choose as if he chooses his mum he will hurt Daisy and if he chooses Daisy his mum would not be happy at all. He is in an awkward position in this short story. Daisy is a brown girl who is neighbours with Ben. She is eager to play with him, “…Darted across Finchley Row,” but Ben does not treat her the way he should he speaks to her rudely, “… In a muffled voice,” and is racist to her, “…You’re a nigger.” Daisy gets really hurt by the way Ben acts towards her, Ben says this to Daisy because of his mother and what she has taught him. However, Ben starts feeling sorry for her and lets her play with him, his feelings change because he realises he is wrong by treating her like that, his personality shines through. This leads Ben feeling paranoid as he keeps glancing toward his house just in case his mother sees them as his mother does not like Daisy. Mrs Preedy is Ben’s mother. Ben and Mrs Preedy do not have the best mother and son relationship. As she
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