A Walk in the Park Essay

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Boyan Petkov ID: 100046517 Fiction: Alter State of Mind Story The wisdom of the Prophet It was 1914. A cruel winter had just come in North Bavaria. The three sons were standing beside the bed of Andreas Rill. This extraordinary man was on the verge of death. He was breathing heavily. His skin was pale as the snow. He had bags under his eyes. His vitals were very low. But he wanted to say his final prophecy to his sons, hoping they will use it for the good of the world. “If only you knew what is waiting for you in the future, right in this moment you will throw away all the guns and weapons, and you will admit your lack of knowledge about the world. Germany will lose the war, and this will be followed by a revolution, but it won’t be real, because as one ruler passes, another will come. Everyone will become rich, millionaire. There will so much money that people will throw them on the streets and there will be no one to pick them up. The military unrest will continue, but the people won’t feel bad about it, although they won’t be happy neither.” Andreas stopped to cough some blood and continued with the prophecy. “A man will come from the lowlands and will change everything about Germany. He will forbid the free speech with brutality that will take away our last drops of sweat. He will take more from the nation than he will give and he will punish us, because it will be the time of the collapse of the Third Reich which will lead to the abundance of blusterers and scammers. Every day new laws will emerge and many will outwear difficult times or they will die. It will start around 1932 under the dictatorship of one man. After that comes 1938 when Nations will attack and war will begin. This war will end badly for the dictator and his supporters. The people and the army will rise in revolt because every deception will outcrop. I feel pity for the people on the

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