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A Visit to the Orphanage Essay

  • Submitted by: cnpy9608
  • on May 17, 2012
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It was a beautiful morning, Molly and I were attending our usual meeting of the Charity Club. As the active member of the club, we were given a higher rank as special committee in the club. Apart from that, the Club had organized a visit to the Joy Orphanage. It may not be the best for a monthly trip, but still, we volunteered to join the trip as all of us loved doing charity work.
The main reason for our visit was to make the orphanage a better place for kids to live in. Our activity would be painting the walls of the orphanage, cleaning up the place and entertaining the kids there. We were anxious about the trip and as the day was around the corner, we had everything well prepared.
On the day of the trip, we wore our best club t-shirts and gathered in front of the school gate. We brought tins of paint, rollers and brushes. Not to mention gifts and clothes for them! Fully prepared like soldiers, we ‘marched’ into the bus and took a ride which was a stone’s throw away to the orphanage. When we reached the place, we saw kids running and playing in the compound. Some were a little glum, maybe feeling down in the dumps being an orphan.
As we approached them, the kids which were as young as 7 years old, surrounded us like a pack of wolves. However, they were not savages like wolves. These cute angels were staring at us with awe. For once we felt like important guests of the orphanage. Firstly, we gave all of them presents and things donated by the kind-hearted. Then, we began to chat with them, learning their painful history and cheering them up. They felt as happy as larks with us around.
After that, we had painting jobs to do. We started cleaning the place, scrubbing every single corner and wiping them clean. Then, we began setting up apparatus and newspaper for the painting. We used rollers and ladders for reaching higher places. Some boys were happily humming their songs while doing the painting. On the other hand, the orphans watched us as we painted the...

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