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In “A View From the Bridge” by Arthur Miller, Eddie’s situation makes the outcome of the play seem inevitable. It is clear to the reader from the moment that Eddie meets Marco and Rodolpho, there is going to be a problem between them. There is also a clear theme in the play, which is fate or free will. Lastly, since Miller was attempting to create a Greek tragedy in modern times, there are some elements of Greek tragedy in the play. Miller does a fantastic job of recreating a Greek tragedy in modern times, and allows the audience to see from the beginning that Eddie’s doom is inescapable. Eddie’s demise is obvious from the beginning of the play. The first time this is apparent is during the first meeting between Eddie and Rodolpho. When Eddie hears Rodolpho sing “Paper Doll”, the reader can tell that Eddie has two different reactions to the situation: he believes that Rodolpho is not a real man because he does not do manly things, and he does not like that Catherine seems to be attracted to him. He doesn’t like this attraction for a number of reasons: he knows that if she gets married, she will never be home and he will never see her again, he secretly loves Catherine, and he cannot believe that she is falling for Rodolpho, who is not a man in his eyes and is essentially the total opposite of Eddie. As the play goes on, Catherine and Rodolpho’s attraction towards each other grows, and Eddie becomes more worried that he is going to lose his true love. Eddie’s inevitable demise is sealed when he goes to visit Alfieri the first time. The audience finds out that Eddie will do anything to break up this couple, including committing a mistake that will end up costing him his life. Miller foreshadows Eddie’s death at the end of the first act, when Eddie is boxing with Rodolpho. While Carbone is taking his shots, Marco lifts up the chair with one hand, which is a sign to

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