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‘A view from the bridge’ A View from the Bridge is a play by Arthur Miller. Justice is one of the main themes in this play along with taking the law into your own hands, be it the family law or the public law, the troubles of many families throughout history and public laws like immigration. The drama is about an American family who live in a rough part of Brooklyn, where illegal immigration rates are high and the sense of community is equally as great. Both set of laws, mentioned above, have their own way of getting and views on justice. Both laws have important outcomes of justice. For example, in the first part of the first scene, Eddie tells Catherine how Vinny Bolzano had snitched on his uncle to the Immigration. According to the public law, justice was brought to when Vinny’s uncle got arrested as he had broken the law. But in the case of Vinny’s family and neighbors, they made Vinny got the justice he deserved by casting him out of the family and the neighbors ignoring his presence. “They spit on him in the street” This justice was done according to the unspoken family law, as this was seen as betraying of own family and is illegal to do so. Justice was also talked about, when Eddie suspects Rodolfo’s motive of liking Catherine, just to get his passport. “hes only bowing to his passport” According to Eddie, there must be a law for an illegal immigrant to fall in love with a girl and to get marry and get his citizenship. This was illegal according to Eddie’s own set of law. Besides liking Catherine, Eddie thinks that the act of Rodolfo having his hands all over Catherine and snatching her away from him was illegal. He tried to force Alfieri to believe that there is a law against it, and something to go against it. “But what about it if the only reason for it is to get his papers”. This was something found in Eddie’s own set of law and justice. Alfieri

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