A View from the Bridge Essay

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A View From The Bridge Arthur Miller clearly uses different aspects of his play “A view from the bridge” to create dramatic tension. His central character Eddie is the person around who has a great deal of conflict revolving around him. He creates a lot of tensions and each scene of conflict becomes stronger than one before. He lives with his wife and her niece Catherine. Eddie is very protective of Catherine and wants her to get a good education. He also seems to be in love with Catherine but refuses to face this fact at any stage in the play even when Beatrice, his wife, points it out to him clearly. We also witness Eddie’s verbal conflict with all the characters at some point throughout the play. Other aspect is how the other characters feel concerned about him. There is a scene of unease as we see how Catherine and Beatrice are unsure about how he will react when he is told about Catherine’s job. As we understand Catherine is deeply influenced by Eddie and does everything he wants and Beatrice warns her not to act like a child in front of Eddie. Arthur Miller creates a lot of tension between all of the characters, this has made the audience wonder again what will happen in the end. Much of the tension in this play cuts off from Eddie’s passionate disagreement to the marriage between Rodolpho and Catherine. He doesn’t like the fact that his feelings are one way only, because Catherine loves Rodolpho. Tension is built up by the inability of characters to communicate. And author sumps up these feelings when he says “we all love somebody, the wife, the kids-every mans got somebody they love, heh? But sometimes …there’s too much…and it goes where it

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