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Gasparyan Gaspar 12/28/13 AP 1 English PR#4 Extra Credit Author: Arthur Miller Book: A View from the Bridge Published by: Penguin Books 1977 A View from the Bridge novel written to describe immigration in the United States of America and effect that it brought upon. The play takes place between 1940-1950 in Brooklyn. Arthur Miller got the idea of the play when his lawyer friend told him about a longshoreman who ratted to the Immigration Bureau on two illegal brothers that were living in America, so this is how the whole concept of view from the Bridge came about. Freud’s Theory of the id, ego, superego reflected in A View from the Bridge few times. In the novel A View from the Bridge Eddie failed to face the truth of his secret and undeniable love for Catherine, this is the root cause of his demise, reacting to every action without a proper thought or reason. Eddie was a very proud person and loved his wife, Beatrice very much. He felt very strongly that he would never do anything to hurt his wife, but there was a subconscious niggling thought that he tried to push to the back of his mind. This thought was Catherine. Eddie knew that this was not right and unorthodox but at the same time thought he would give up anything to have her, this included deporting his cousins. Therefore, Eddie found himself unable to express his love for Catherine due to the ethically and morally wrong circumstances. Freud’s Theory of id is being proven in Eddie’s actions, he never focused on what was right or wrong only wanted to do it. Eddie was a very proud man and would not even think of betraying his wife. Although, once he saw Catherine as a woman his thoughts changed. He pushed his lust for Catherine to the back of his mind and denied all existence of his intimate feelings for Catherine "you can't have her! 'What are you talking about B?' Eddie made

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