A View From The Bridge Essay

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How are the conditions/ difficulties faced by migrants explored in this book and what social codes or morals exist within the Red Hook Italian American community of the play? Law is no way interchangeable with justice, it is merely a tool that seeks to achieve such an outcome mandated by governments and constantly evolving over extended periods of time. While law stems from civil reasoning and allows little room for deviation , justice is presented as a proper code of conduct that is more tangled with morality and individual interpretation . Since beliefs that govern individuals tend to vary , one mans justice can be another mans crime . (one mans law can be another mans injustice) A View form the Bridge portrays that while the law seeks for justice, it is emotionally detached behavior robbing if off any mercy rendering it incapable of always achieving its goals. The early recognition of Alfieri as a lawyer who claims that justice is very important in Red Hook immediately suggests that the law is very powerful when ensuring that justice is made. This is demonstrated by Alfieri’s advice to Eddie that he should let Catherine go . These concealing words from a man of law suggests the laws attempt to prevent the unnaturally bloody course that Eddie eventually takes . The neighborhood has had a very bad and forgettable past, Alfieri quotes “oh there were many here who were justly shot by unjustly men” He then goes on to tell us about the two Italian gangsters that stirred up drama in the community at that time . We are then also told that the danger has been left behind them . “I no longer keep a pistol in my filing cabinet” At first migrants will come to America mostly looking for jobs, and a better life . When they get to what they call “the American dream” they are disappointed to some

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