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At which points do we see the women challenge their submissive role? In a view from the Bridge Beatrice and Catherine roles change during the play, especially Catherine who grows from being a girl to a woman. The Italian culture at that time the play was written forced woman into submissive roles where their role was to get married, have babies and clean the house. The men’s role was to be the head of the home. Beatrice is portrayed as a mature, stable and strong character in the play. She is loyal to Eddie. Beatrice might have been a submissive woman when she first married Eddie but as things were going wrong in her marriage she was bold enough to say something. She does stand up to Eddie when he is wrong and is not scared to put her point of view across when she feels the need to. Beatrice can see that Eddie’s feelings towards Catherine are more than a father figure. She and Eddie have not slept with each other in a while and she confronts Eddie with it. “When am I gonna be a wife again. Eddie?” (Pg 24). She has every reason to be jealous of Catherine and yet she remains a caring substitute mother. She does point out to Catherine that she is not a girl anymore and needs to grow up, as her actions are not helping the situation with Eddie. I would say that Beatrice’s loyalty towards Eddie could be perceived as being submissive but I do not believe that this is the case with her. “Well then be an uncle then.” (Pg 38) Eddie does not say anything but is aware of her criticising him. When Eddie reports the two brothers to immigration office and he comes home he has a confrontation with Beatrice. He was feeling guilty and trying to put the blame on Beatrice. Eddie mentions to Beatrice that she used to be different and in the last year or two things had changed and he never knew what mood she would be in. I get the impression that Eddie wants things to go back to

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