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“A view from the bridge” is such a good story, it shows the innocence of a little child but also the force and the strength to accomplish his dreams, in this case catching “all those big sportfish”, regardless his condition as a blind kid. It also shows how Mcdonald learns to see things in a different way, to pay attention to the little details. Sometimes people tend to say you cant do this because you are not good at it; but if someone has a disability doesn’t mean they suck at it or wont be able to do it, that is what is awesome with this kid, he doesn’t act like there is something wrong with him, he is just another kid with hopes and dreams and nothing can hold him back; things will always happen as long as we believe we can do it, just have a little bit of faith in you and anything can happen. Is also interesting how Mcdonald at the beginning he doesn’t want to help the kid, it’s actually bothering him, he just wants to keep jogging but he stops and helps the kid; and even though he is mean to the kid, the kid is so polite, he doesn’t even care trying to tell him his blind. After the kid catches the fish, he is so happy, and this story has a lesson, they both learned something, the kid got to know how the fish looked in such a detail and perfectly way that the kid could feel like he actually was seeing it, but it was Mcdonald who got the real lesson, to be patient and respectful with others, but mostly to really look at life, because people don’t do that anymore, they just go around life taking everything for granted, and not taking a minute to see the beauty that surrounds

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