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‘A View from a Bridge’ Critical Essay A play in which a character not only has an inner conflict but also a conflict with another character is Arthur Miller’s modern tragedy, A View from a Bridge. The Brooklyn based play focuses on a man named Eddie Carbone and his family. Throughout the drama Eddie’s inner conflict develops with his obsessive love for his young niece Catherine and as a result he also develops a conflict with Rodolfo, one of his wife’s cousins who Catherine is instantly attracted to. Both Eddie’s inner conflict and his conflict with Rodolfo grow out of control and he is driven to increasingly bizarre and inappropriate behaviour until eventually he betrays his Wife’s immigrant cousins and indeed the whole neighbourhood. This is a key turning point in the fatal drama which in the end leads to Eddie’s tragic death. Miller has effectively developed both conflicts throughout the play using character development, symbolism and plot to develop the themes of obsessive love and jealousy leading to Eddie’s extreme but uncharacteristic behaviour and eventually to a tragic climax. Early in the play we see the first signs of Eddie's obsessive love and inner conflict about Catherine. Miller uses the skirt and high heels as symbols of Catherine’s change to become a woman. stating how her appearance attracts men with the simile that ‘heads are turnin’ like windmills.’ Later, he humiliates her in front of everyone by demanding that she change her shoes. This is no longer simply fatherly but overprotective and thus, When Catherine has the opportunity of a job, Eddie looks at her with a sense of ‘her childhood, her babyhood and the years.’ He is very nostalgic towards her and although she is only seventeen he is trying to remember all the positive memories of her youth. Eddie’s conflict is suggested here as he is proud of seeing his young niece grow up but he

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