A Verb To Kill Essay

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Endoscope: My gut reaction about this story is the fact that I’m confused. I don’t clearly understand this. I do know that there is a deeper meaning behind this story, but it wasn’t specific or clear the first time I read it. I do realize that there is a male predator that does sexual acts to girls and there is a girl who enjoys it, but after the sexual acts, he kills the girls. I cannot comprehend the meaning behind this. I’m extremely confused. Microscope: The male predator in this story reminds me of a hermit that the girl is taking an obsessive interest in. The area that the girls live in is pretty much closed off. You can only get in through the seaport or main road. In other words a stranger is unlikely to approach the land. Many of the inhabitants on the land aren’t used to seeing visitors appear on the land therefore they aren’t exposed to many people. This may account for the distrust of the man on the beach and therefore they closely watch this man’s actions and whereabouts. It’s almost as if they are obsessed with him, because the narrator and her sister watch his every move and create perceptions of the man. The sisters are scared of the man but they don’t even know him. Judgments made of people can be very dangerous. With all this fear, the girls let it control their lives and interpret perceptions and judgement made of the man. They become obsessed, maybe even sexually attracted but they have a deep fear of this man. When the narrator brings up Pocha she describes her in a way as a dirty human being. If she could, she would refer to her as something degrading than a human, “I hope he doesn’t do any of those repulsive things to her before killing her because she might like it, the dirty thing. I hope he kills her straightaway by plunging a knife in her belly” (Venezuela, p. 187). The girls welcome violence to her and prove their own self

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