A Typical Day with My Grandson's Essay

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A Typical Day with My Grandsons Wanda Black Everest University Online I leave my bedroom to go downstairs and check on my two grandsons, Antoine who is twelve and De Maree who is seven. They are lying on the carpeted living room floor where the sun is shining in through the blinds on the windows. There are four walls in the living room. Along the two walls are a sofa and a love seat, two end tables and a curio cabinet. In front of the window is a 55” TV on a stand that holds a stereo, cable box and video game. The sound from the video game is very loud, as well as the noise of my grandson’s screaming and jumping around on the floor saying who is beating who. It gets even louder when they start shouting and disagreeing with each about who hit whose man, and why they did it. My twelve year old grandson Antoine gets up from the floor and plops down on the couch, while his brother remains on the floor. They continue arguing from the couch and the floor about who is cheating. De Maree is angry because his brother keeps stopping the game because he won’t shut up. De Maree, with a mean look on his face, then grabs a pair of pants from off the floor and throws them at his brother. Antoine jumps up off the couch, falls to the floor and wrestles with his little brother. De Maree starts yelling at Antoine for him to let his hand go, while Antoine is yelling for De Maree to let him up off the floor. I’m just sitting here on the arm of the loveseat watching them while they solve their problem and making sure that they don’t get out of hand. Finally, they are breathing hard and out of breath. They get up and go back to where they were sitting. De Maree is looking at Antoine like he wants to wrestle him again, but he finally calms down. They both start yelling and laughing to each other about who won. De Maree waves his hand at his

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