A Truly Male Dominated Relationship Essay

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A Truly Male Dominated Relationship According to Sandra Lee Bartky, “A love relationship is one in which at least one actor gives extremely high status to another actor” (Bartky 109). Bartky is referring to the dominance of relationships by the male character over the female. This idea is expressed initially in the episode of Sex and the City, in Carrie and Aiden’s relationship when Aiden tells Carrie not to talk to her ex-boyfriend, Big, ever again. This embodies the main viewpoint of Bartky’s argument of male dominance in relationships. Through her viewpoints, Bartky emphasizes the understanding of epistemic risk as the interpretation of the woman making her male companion the center of everything, and therefore risking the loss of herself as and individual. This all demonstrates how the male role in Sex and the City depicts a true image of the dominance of men in romantic relationships according to Bartky’s “Feeding Egos and Tending Wounds.” In Sex and the City’s episode 54, “Time and Punishment,” the key issue is Carrie’s infidelity to Aiden, her boyfriend, with her ex-boyfriend, Big. The conflict between Carrie and Aiden arises after she receives a message on her answering machine from Big while lying in the bed with Aiden. From that point on Carrie’s relationship with Aiden takes a downward spiral. (Look up quote in book on pg. 102 for the missing word) This encompasses Carrie’s attitude of confusion and powerlessness in her relationship. Carrie becomes very passive and accommodating to Aiden as a result of this; also, she begins to show the signs of conversational cheerleading. For example, she begins to commend Aiden for being such a good boyfriend, and then agrees to watch his dog even though she really does not want too. She is attempting to make up for what has already happened and change Aiden’s attitude about the situation. Even
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