A Trip to the Brazil Food Market (Ethnography)

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A Trip to the Brazil Food Market Nervously, I walked in to the store. I have been here one or two times before, in the safety of my father’s shadow. We had a sort of routine; he would talk to the butcher and order our food while I wandered around the store, absorbing the strange, seemingly foreign colors and words. Today I walked in alone, feeling like an imposter. I don’t speak the native language, but that didn’t stop me from trying. My clumsy tongue tripped over my words, the owners looked at me with an amused yet pitying expression as I blurted out “Eu venho aqui para… para…” Embarrassed, I asked the couple if they spoke Spanish. Luckily, they did. My first impression upon actually speaking with them is that they are actually very friendly. The duo introduced themselves with a smile as Carlos and Rosana, owners of the Brazil Food Market of Port Saint Lucie. The store was empty aside from the three of us and they invited me to have a seat with them. I explained my cause; that I was here to take notes for an essay but also to absorb information about their culture and customs. Since the store was empty, they said, I could ask whatever necessary but to observe I should come back on the weekend when it is busier. One of the first things we talked about was their business because everybody has to eat; food is something that unites us as people. From Rosana, I learned that some of the major exports from Brazil are coffee, sugar, meat, and more recently coconut water. In such a vast country, there is much variation in food. For instance, in the Amazon region, they have a diet high in the fruits one can find there. Açai is one of the more well known berries from the Amazon region and they use it as an ingredient in smoothies. In the southwest, they have adopted a food from the Latinos called fiejoada. This dish is a simple mixture of black beans and various pork

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