A Trip in Search of God Essay

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Kandhakatla, Vipin Reddy Engl 453 Essay One: Personal Belief Statement June 22, 2015 A Trip - In Search of God! Like many in this world, I used to visit the holy places to see God. When I was growing up, I believed in some supernatural power which is above our reach and which can never be accused. After I grew up and after I came across many situations I slowly lost my faith in him. But, one friend, one conversation, one trip has changed my entire perception of God. It changed my way of approach towards life. By the time I was 21, I was at a stage where I was called an atheist by others. This is when Avish re-entered into my life. Yes, he was my school friend who was not in contact for almost 10 years, and the same person met me at a business gathering. It was totally unplanned. He was of many those journalists who was present at the event. Being an Air Force officer, my dad’s job required him to relocate every now and then. So, I had to change 10 schools during my childhood, which never allowed me to have a long-term association with any of my friends. Hence, meeting Avish was more exciting than the gathering. We exchanged our phone numbers and within a very short time we became very close friends. He was that friend whom I had missed for a long time. We had similarities in every possible thing except the concept of God. I was an atheist and he was not. I do not write off the fact that we never tried to change each other perceptions, but I can say that whenever we tried, we both failed. One fine day, when we were having a very serious discussion, he promised me that he’ll show me God, if I travel with him to the Himalayas, a hill station in India, which is also believed to be a place where God resides. Even though I did not believe in that, I said yes. I wanted to travel for two reasons, 1. He was my friend so I could not say no 2. I love trekking.

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