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Annmarie Wallace Prof. Blum Cause & Effect Essay 10/23/2010 It’s a week before my daughter’s birthday; my husband and I were planning a big celebration. Her birthday is in the summer so we thought it would be nice to have the party on the beach. A fun day filled with friend and family we were going to barbeque and catch a tan. A day meant for rejoicing turned in to a disaster a trip to the ER. Because of john’s careless mistake a UN wanted tragedy occurred. One afternoon my husband’s friend John visited my house, he didn’t stay very long he said he was in the neighborhood and needed to use the bathroom, so we let him then he left. A half hour later my husband picked her up from the floor where she had been crawling She didn’t look right she couldn’t keep her eyes open it was as if she were high, she coulden’t even lift her head. A mother knows her child and I knew something was wrong. We had to think and act fast we rushed her to the hospital. The hospital was two stops away on the train, Woodhull, It just happened so fast I just needed to get to the ER when we arrived the doctor hooked her up to IV they took blood and urine she had drank a 10mg of Methadone her doctor said they called poison control and they said don’t give her anything unless she stops breathing just let her sleep it off. My baby was in my arms the whole time. In the Mean while I had a doctor asking me over and over what happened and people from the hospital was asking me what happened. My daughter’s fingernails were blue. When I looked at her face, I began screaming “Help me” All the doctors

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