A Tire Blow Out Essay

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A Tire Blow Out That Ended Halloween Tammy Linkous English 121 Composition I William Barone December 2, 2012 Tire Blow out That Ended Halloween I had car troubles all through my entire life, and I never had an experience were the troubles interfered with something of importance. I enjoyed taking my children trick or treating during the Halloween holiday. Now that my children are grown; sometimes I have the privilege to take their children. Well, this year I had the privilege to take my daughter’s grandchildren out. We both wanted the children to go to my mother’s because it has been a yearly tradition to make her house our first stop, since my children were little. When a car is having trouble with breaking down, it is for the best interest to not drive out of your way in unnecessary times. Starting two weeks before Halloween, I had a blow out on my car. Being short on gas caused me to have troubling fixing the tire. A week later I had the tire fixed and was determined that everything would be fine, for the trip to my mother’s neighborhood to go trick or treating. I spoke with my mother the day before Halloween and told her we will be there. She said, “Ok, I will have to run out and make sure I at least have something for them”. So the plans were made we were going to what we call the country to trick or treat. Everyone that went with us that night was my grandchildren, my partner, my roommate, and I. We all loaded up and left Annapolis, MD, to venture out on Halloween night. The drive from my daughter’s house to my mother’s house is around thirty minutes. All filled with excitement, we were listing to Halloween music driving on the back roads. About five minutes from my mother’s neighborhood, I stated “the car is not driving right, something is wrong”. My partner had said, “It is fine, it is the road not your car”. Two minutes later,

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