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_______________ Mrs. ___________ English 29 October 2011 A Time for Choosing “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down” (Anastrophe). President Ronald Reagan spoke these same words to a crowd in Boston at his 1964 speech, A Time for Choosing. His warning to the citizens still echos forty-seven years later as the United States continues to find a solution to resolve our nation's debt deficit, increase our domestic industry to create jobs, and have better supervision over the nation's private sector. The news channels ramble on about Republicans and Democrats at each others throats over issues that no one can seem to compromise. So, which side do we choose? Who's right? Those are questions many Americans are beginning to ask themselves as the 2012 Presidential elections begin to draw near. The American people will have decide whether to continue following the two-party system or allow a third-party in the election. The political ideologies of both parties have changed over the last 219 years due to events such as the American Civil War and both World Wars. But, each time we get into a conflict with another country, it is the citizens who must pay the price tag. What are the effects of this? Today, Wall Street is occupied by angry Americans (Alliteration) without jobs, who are acting like a pack of wild Banshees, (Simile) screaming about how the government doesn't give them enough. The fact that the government acts as if our nation's debt is just a bottomless pit (Metaphor) doesn't support the government's pleas for Americans to stop. You can see that if this doesn't stop, we will suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire all too. (Allusion) The mobs filled the streets in protest of the laws and how they were being treated, much like Wall Street today. The

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