A Thunderstorm Is Like a Dance

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A Thunderstorm is like Dance As the storm appears the wind starts to flow like a ballerinas swift movements. It begins to become cloudy like learning new chorography. The dark sky is like the scenery of an eerie dance, but the storm could also be relaxing like a calm ballet. The rain falls as if it were the rapid movements of a performers foot. A thunderstorm is a magical performance. The way it moves like a graceful ballerina. As the thunder starts it acts like the beat to the whole performance, setting the mood. After it thunders there’s always a few seconds before the lightning like as if the dancer hesitates a movement or like when the music gets real quiet and sets a suspenseful mood. Then when the lightning strikes it hits as if it were the sharp quick movement of a figurant. As the rain keeps falling puddles start to form. They form like steps to learning the chorography to a dance. As it starts to pour a flood begins to appear like when a group of dancers enter a stage. The storm becomes more intense like a performance of a ballet coming to the climax. Then the weather becomes cold as if something bad were to have happened in the ballet. Then comes the hail, cold and the size of golf balls like it were dancers moving pushing their bodies dodging the sounds of the beat. The storms intensity starts to calm down like it were the performance coming to an end like the dancers start to slow their movements to flowing calm moves. After the rain stops and the sun begins to shine the performance of the ballet come to its conclusion the dancers feel the mood of the music coming to an end like the sun shining after the rain and when the rainbow starts to show the ballerinas take a bow and the audience applauses the great
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