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A Thousand Splendid Suns Character Analysis

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  • on February 26, 2012
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In Khaled Hosseini’s novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, Laila at a young age endures hardships the likes of which most women could not imagine while in the midst of constant conflict and instability of the Middle East.. Dealing with the loss of a man she believed to be deceased and his return, submission into a loveless marriage, the birth of a harami or bastard child, and the death of her parents cause her to experience emotional turmoil. Along with her husband’s beatings she is a woman who many are able to see through the eyes of and feel pity and anguish throughout her journey. In a hopeless place where one can only hope, Hosseini takes the reader through what some may consider a living hell for women of the time period.
Laila is main protagonist of the story, though she is not known of until the second part of the novel, the reader would display the most empathy for her. Mariam, the first character introduced in the story, is thought by many as the protagonist, but because of her disappearance in the novel, she is considered by Greeks as a false protagonist. Laila on the other hand, after her appearance, all actions of the novel revolve around her and she encompasses traits of those dear to her. Mariam herself feared Laila at first in thoughts that she would be tossed aside like garbage now that a younger better looking woman was married into the household. “I won’t be thrown out. I won’t have you cast me out.” “I wouldn’t have fed you and washed you if I’d known you were going to steal my husband” (Hosseini 202). Laila also bears most of the problems, though Mariam has a fair amount, they are quickly forgotten, and Laila’s complications set in just as fast.
In some aspects of Laila’s life, she remains relatively static throughout the story, but in other aspects, shows a great deal of change. First and foremost, she learns the importance of family bonds. Risking to be beaten if she was caught, she would go out alone to see her daughter “but for Laila, the...

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