A Theory-Based Evaluation of a Programme of Support at a Residential Shelter in Johannesburg Essay

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A THEORY-BASED EVALUATION OF A PROGRAMME OF SUPPORT AT A RESIDENTIAL SHELTER IN JOHANNESBURG By Athena Tudorić-Ghemo and Charles Potter Department of Psychology, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Introduction This investigation involves an evaluation of a programme of support offered to teenage girls who have lived and worked on the streets or begged for a living, and who now live in a residential shelter for street girls in Johannesburg. The evaluation will be conducted in three stages. The first stage will examine the social and policy context within which the residential facility conducts its work, in order to provide the context of the study. Following this, a needs analysis based on examination of the developmental and psychosocial needs of two samples of girls living at the shelter will be undertaken. Thereafter, an evaluation of the programme of support at the residential shelter will be carried out. The data will then be integrated across the three stages of the evaluation design, with the intention of developing a conceptual framework and a programme implementation theory. This will include a set of criteria for assessing to what extent the existing programmes of support at the facility are logical theoretically, relevant contextually and achieving their intended objectives. Theoretical Background The evaluation design is theory-based (Jobin, 2008; Weiss, 1972; 1978). The evaluation as a whole will be contextualised within the Human Needs paradigm, and Human Needs theory as set out in Max-Neef’s (1992) Human Scale Development matrix. The matrix will be used to provide a set of primary codes or core categories which can be used as indicators against which to examine the girls’ needs relative to their quality of life (Testa, 1996). The evaluation design is also theory-seeking (Rosenthal and Rosnow, 1991). Theory

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