A Television Takeover Essay

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Has it ever occurred to anybody that television has only been around for eighty-six years in the entire human existence? To the common person today, I can picture them thinking to themselves, “Oh my god, how did people ever live without TV?” “What would I do without it?” It just goes to show that in today’s society, television has a negative effect on people and it seems as if they cannot live without it as it takes over their lives. Have humans forgotten what a book, being active, or spending time with family is? Watching all those hours of television prevents people from bettering themselves physically and intellectually. It causes a lot of personal insecurities and general misconceptions of what is considered average, whether that is the average man, woman, or family. Lastly, television is entertaining but the immorality and violence it influences in people outweighs the entertainment it provides. Most young kids and adults go to school or work on a daily basis, instantly they come home only to turn on the television for the remaining six hours or so they have left of their day. One reason I believe it has a destructive influence on society is the amount of time people spend watching it. People will stare at a screen for hours and leave their butt imprints imbedded on the lazy boy chair when they finally do get up. Girls will spend hours catching up on the latest season of Pretty Little Liars on a regular basis instead of being productive by doing an activity like exercising or reading a book. As a guy, do I get easily distracted from life for a couple hours watching the Michigan game once a week? Sure I do, I’ll admit, you can find me glued to the TV on a college football Saturday. Instead, on average, people spend a whole two days or forty-eight hours watching television in one week. Doing this they are ignoring their own lives and what is important in it.

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