A Teacher as a Caregiver, Mentor and Model.

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Teacher as a Caregiver, Mentor and Model. An effective transformative and empowerment curriculum must be implemented by teachers who have the knowledge skills, and attitudes needed to help students understand the ways in which knowledge is constructed and used to support power group relationships in society. Teachers bring cultural perspectives, values, hope, and dreams to the classroom. Teachers should be aware of their position and their role. Thus, by my this presentation I’m going to talk more about teacher, and his or her role in students life, and especially teachers main role in building character education in society. After giving a description about being a perfect teacher, there is a bit talk how to manage to build a good relationship with students and to organize the class more interesting by different kinds of activities in order to make the students more interested to the class. How to solve the problem which always happens with students between a teacher. And there is some kind of activity with participants during the presentation before giving them a recipe of perfect teacher, participants will be divided into groups and the task is they should create their own recipe of perfect teacher by their creation. As we know with non-native English speakers always have a problem about speaking skills. They can do well on grammar or writing but speaking is still complicated to solve. And during presentation participants have a chance to see some sort of short-cut videos about teaching English as a second language in foreign countries and comparing it with our country teaching ways of English and finding the solution of improving speaking skills with young learners. And to involve all stakeholders like; students, faculty and parents in order to build Character Education in society. I am sure that my proposal presentation would be useful for those
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