A Taste of Honey Drama

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Explain the significance of the opening scene in your prescribed text. (a) As a director explain what impact you would like this scene to have on the audience and how you would achieve this. (b) By Leanna Duddy One significant, specific aim of the opening scene of ‘A Taste of Honey’ by Shelagh Delaney is to show that Helen and Jo are living in this atrocious poverty. Quoted by Helen towards Jo ‘When I find somewhere for us to live I have to consider something far more important than your feelings… the rent. It’s all I can afford.’(a) To accomplish this I would set the scene in an old neglected apartment with a tatty looking two seater sofa CSC, a kitchen with a stove and a decaying wooden chair USL, an old discoloured mattress DSR. US a window to show the gasworks outside. Jo clarifies ‘what a place to have a window.’ US there would be brown stained wallpaper around the window showing the insides are damp and rotten. I would create this damp and rotten effect by using water soluble paint. This would all show to the audience that the atmosphere is poor and neglected.(b) For the audience to feel the bleak circumstances that the women find themselves I would used a sound effect of a pig squealing when Jo asks ‘What’s that place over there?’ then Helen replies ‘The Slaughterhouse’ (b) I would also use the pig squealing again when Helens says to Jo ‘You’re asking for a bloody good hiding, lady’ to communicate across to the audience that Jo has had a bad childhood almost like she has been slaughtered by her mother Helen simply because she has been brought up in sheer poverty and poorness has taken over her life.(b) Also the purpose, to kind of show that there is a comparison between Helen and the pig.(a) A main significance of the opening scene of this drama is that it shows us tension between the two main characters, Helen and Jo. This is shown in the

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