A Tale Of Two Watches Essay

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English Composition II Ad analysis rough draft You would not perhaps think there are a lot of differences in advertisements; That they are all much the same. You would be incorrect. Advertisers use subtle and sometimes not so subtle images and word to sell their products. Ad number 1 will be called the B&M ad because it is advertising a Baume & Mercier watch. And ad number 2 will be called the Bulova ad because it is selling a Bulova watch. The B&M ad shows Kim Basinger leaning on one elbow, on a pillow with ticking, in front of a paneled wooden wall. Only the top part of her body is shown in the ad. The white knit shirt skims her body accentuating her bosom. It bars one shoulder as she looks at the camera through tousled hair. She is not smiling; however her lips are slightly parted sensuously. Her gaze is direct but partially cut off by tousled curls hanging over her eyes. The title on a black banner at the top says Baume & Mercier & Me. On the bottom right is a picture of the Diamant watch made by B&M. On the left it states Baume & Mercier, Geneve 1830, with a 1-800 number underneath that. The statement at the bottom left of the picture implies that it is TIME to make a difference by visiting their website to find out all the programs that B&M and Kim Basinger have contributed to, children, environmental and, protecting animals. In the Bulova ad, Bulova is emblazoned on the upper left with the symbol of the watch behind it that looks like a pitchfork missing the center fork. It seems to be a very piercing symbol. The writing just below that states Special Edition, Diamond Pave. It goes on to state the number of diamonds and carats. It then states, “Perfectly placed and meticulously hand-set to create a circular pattern of enduring brilliance. On the bottom left it states that it is available at Macy’s. A woman is rising up out of the center of the

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