A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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People say the biggest sacrifice one can give is life itself, but the biggest sacrifice is love. In, “A Tale Of Two Cities,” by Charles Dickens, people experience death and sacrifice at a costly pay. Carton's death was a sacrifice that let him live in a way that he could not and the only way Darnay could have lived lets Carton to have one more act before his demise. Sydney Carton, Ms. Pross, and Dr. Manette all go through sacrifices. This is important because it makes the reader understand the cost of life. Carton sacrifices his life for somebody he does not know. Carton says, “Dissolute dog who has never done any good, and never will”(Dickens 119). Being able to sacrifice your own life for somebody you do not even know or haven't seen in your whole life is extremely difficult. Not many people are able to die for another person. The guillotine kills carton and gets his head chopped off. Poor Carton dies and is sacrificed. Manette sacrifices for the person he loves Lucie is lucky because Manette would do anything for her. Manette sacrifices his mission in life for Lucie because he loves her. Manette says, “fancies, any reason, apprehensions, anything, new or old against the man she really loved... they shall all be obliterated for her sake.”(125). It is hard for a person to set aside his own life for the life of another out of love. This is a true sacrifice towards another person. Manette would do anything for Lucie in order for her to marry Darnay. One could say even that Manette had an obsession towards Lucie. Just like Manette, Ms. Pross sacrificed for Lucie. In this novel Lucie was lucky to have Mrs. Pross and Manette. Pross would dedicate her life for Lucie. Mr. Lorry proves Ms. Pross dedication, “there is nothing better in the world than the faithful service of the hear so rendered and so free from any mercenary taint”(87). Ms. Pross lived for Lucie to

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