A Tale of Two Cities Essay

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Jamie McSpedon Mrs.Dunbar English 12 H 1/9/15 Many authors use different approaches in literature to criticize characters and their actions in books. In A Tale Of Two Cities, Charles Dickens glorifies Lucie Manette, also known as the “golden thread,” because she adhered here to gender role. Charles Darnay punishes Miss pross and Madame Defarge due to stepping out of their gender roles. The ideal woman during this time period was supposed to be nurturing and caring, always look pretty, listen to anything their husband said and do whatever they asked them to do, and never have a problem with doing any of those things. Lucie Manette met all the requirements for the perfect woman. She had golden hair, blue eyes, always looked beautiful, and always kept her home in perfect condition. The reason why Lucie never stepped out of her gender role was because she was an empty shell of a woman due to her lack of opinion and effort in anything that went on in the novel. When Charles was on trial in England, she fainted in the courtroom when finding out he had to go to prison, and had to be carried out by a group of men. Sydney Carton is a man who never asks for anything. Carton tells Lucie that he is completely aware he will never be good enough for her but he would do anything for her. Lucie’s purity and goodness inspires Carton and she immediately sees a change in his demeanor. Lucie knows she could never marry Carton so she becomes a fierce defender of his emotions. Lucie is also referred to as a “golden thread” because she guided her father out of misery and madness and into the world again through the sheer strength of her love. She is helpless but she never does wrong which is why Dickens rewards her in this novel. Lucie is married to Charles and is a loving and caring mother to her two children. Despite some of the conflicts she dealt with, she lives a happy life

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